Surrogacy twist and leap upcoming in Pardes


Naina gets mistaken that Ahana is buying Raghav’s kidney. The misunderstanding gets cleared after Raghav informs he is in meeting. Ahana tells Naina that she is finding a surrogate for her child and can pay any amount to the lady. Naina does not know what to do. Ahana reminds Naina her words, that sometimes people get so helpless that they have to sell which they never imagine. Ahana tells Naina her pain of not becoming a mother and her desire to have her own child. Ahana expresses his feelings well and it touches Naina’s heart.

Naina understands that a child by surrogacy can complete a childless couple’s life. She finds it a humble deed to help Ahana. She gets convinced by Ahana’s words. Naina is also in financial pressure. Naina is very much hurt seeing Raghav’s shattered state after Khurana took over his patent.


Naina is in love with Raghav. She does not want to see Raghav breaking down by rejections in his life. Raghav’s patent is stolen by Balraj. She wants Raghav to be independent and successful. Naina meets Ahana and agrees to become surrogate mother of her child. Naina is doing this to help Raghav. Raghav is worried that Khurana has his patent.

Ahana gives a cheque to Naina. Naina wants to use the money and pay off Raghav’s debts. She is ready to become surrogate for Raghav’s sake. Ahana says your baby bump will be seen in four months, what if your husband asks you to abort the child. She asks Naina to think well about this big decision and also ask her husband before proceeding. Naina knows Raghav will not agree to her. She decides to take divorce from Raghav. She tells Ahana that they are getting separated now, once she signs on divorce papers, she will never meet Raghav.

Ahana gets shocked and asks why is she doing all this for Raghav then, when they are getting divorced. She understands Naina’s true love. Naina does not want Raghav to know anything and helps him secretly. She asks Ahana to make the money reach Raghav. She also seeks help to get a job for Raghav. Naina thinks of Raghav and shatters. She meets Khurana and scolds him for doing bad business and stealing someone’s work. She asks him to give back Raghav his respect and patent. Naina is working hard without letting Raghav know anything. Raghav has also realized his love for Naina and confessed feelings in front of family. Naina says fate is not supporting me, its playing many games with me. Surrogacy twist will get a leap in the show.


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