Meghna and Naina’s first rasoi in Swabhimaan


Meghna and Naina make delicious food for the first rasoi rasam. The food presentation is good. Dada ji wants to judge food by the taste. He gives them full marks in food’s presentation and taste. Meghna makes the kheer. Dada ji likes it a lot and says Meghna is topper in even cooking. Kunal gets happy seeing Meghna getting good compliments.

Naina says I did not get time to make anything. Her father in law taunts both Meghna and Naina, to be incapable of household tasks. He asks them why are they making a joke of traditions. Naina tells them that she made halwa for keeping as prasad. Dada ji tastes the prasad and praises it. He tells Naina that she chose to make prasad in first rasoi, that shows her patience and sense. He is very happy seeing Naina’s matureness. Dada ji gives nek to them. Dada ji tells Meghna that the day she manages Chauhan business, he will throw a grand party for everyone.


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