Rishi-Tanuja’s mega-emotional moment in Kasam


Rishi gives a rose to Tanuja. Tanuja and Rishi submit their divorce papers. Rishi tells Tanuja that they have submitted divorce papers on valentines’ day, and its very unfortunate. The kids get heart-shaped balloons there. Rishi and Tanuja forget about their divorce. They get happy. The valentine’s day is celebrated by them. Rishi makes Tanuja ready for the party. Tanuja finds it hard to accept what Rishi is doing. Rishi and Tanuja are one soul.

Rishi is also in much sorrow, but hiding it. Tanuja expresses her sorrow and hugs Rishi. Tanuja tells Rishi that she wants to apply his name sindoor for the last time. He says it’s not right to apply sindoor now. Tanuja insists. Rishi does not stop her. Tanuja applies the sindoor. He then covers her sindoor with the maang tika. He wants Tanuja to settle down with someone. He loves Tanuja a lot. It’s very heartbreaking for him to lose Tanuja. Rishi keeps a valentines party at home, so that Tanuja finds a life partner. Rishi and Tanuja want each other to stay happy. They also want their families to be happy. The party will have many twists and surprises.


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