Anika’s imagination goes hysterical in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika’s love is reaching new heights of tashan. Anika is mistaken about Shivay. Anika has lost her memory and believes Shivay is a murderer, he is her enemy. She hears Shivay telling someone to teach a lesson to Shwetlana, its very much important right now. Anika wants to save Shwetlana. Tia has become Anika’s friend now. Shwetlana is using Anika against Shivay. They try to take advantage of Anika’s memory loss.

Shwetlana tells Shivay that his queen is on her side in this game. Shivay challenges Shwetlana for a fight and asks her to be ready to lose. They both have an argument. Anika imagines Shivay murdering Shwetlana. She screams and runs away seeing Shivay. Shivay finds it enough seeing her madness and wants to do something to get her memory back.


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