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Naagin 2:Yamini goes to temple to get Naagmani, but gets trapped by Rudra and Shivangi. Rocky is worried as Yamini has disappeared. Yamini raised Rocky. Rocky loves Yamini a lot. Since she went missing, Rocky is going crazy. He fails to get any help to find Yamini. He tells Shivangi that Yamini raised him after his parents’ death, she has managed this family. Shivangi knows Yamini has killed his parents. She could not tell this to Rocky. He says I can’t lose Yamini at any cost. He wants to find out what happened. Shivangi is upset thinking what will Rocky go through when he knows Yamini’s truth. Shivangi talks to Gautami about Rocky. Gautami does not want to hear anything about Rocky.


Rangeela is helping Shivani in running away from Berahampur. Veer’s men spot them together. Rangeela has no option than to hide Shivani in storeroom. Shivani prays. Rangeela asks her not to worry and stay there till he comes back. Shivani wants to run away from haveli. He gets a sack and asks her to get inside it. She refuses and says I can’t breath inside the sack. He tells her that he worries for her, and that’s why he has made air passages. Rangeela is helping Shivani for a purpose.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Romi find out that Niddhi is threatening Mani. Romi gets the fraud company’s details. Romi tells Raman that Niddhi has done fraud with Mani, who invested his life earnings in the fake company. Mani is losing out everything and is obeying Niddhi’s demands, just for Shagun and his child’s sake. Raman understands Niddhi’s smart plan to use Mani against them. Mani blocks Raman from meeting Pihu. Mani’s angered behavior made Raman suspicious.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali’s Maayka and Sasural are celebrating together. Anjali is happy and dances with everyone. Simar makes Anjali learn laddoo making. Everyone is happy to see nice change in Anjali.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori gets sad knowing she can’t become a mother again. Doctor suggests Shorvori to opt for surrogacy. Parth and Shorvori agree for surrogacy. Parth finds Teni most eligible to become surrogate, as Teni has no family and relations to create troubles for them.

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