Vivaan joins hands with Bhaiya ji in Udaan


Vivaan joins hands with Bhaiya ji and Ragini for a special reason. Vivaan always stood with truth. Seeing him joining Ragini, Chakor and Imli worry for him. Ragini says Vivaan took the right decision. Chakor and Imli try to explain Vivaan. Vivaan says I have taken a decision and now I will work for Bhaiya ji. Chakor says you will regret for this. He says I would regret if I go jail for the crime I did not do.

Vivaan’s changes are upsetting Imli. He does not listen to them and says now this is final, I will not change my mind. He gets angry on anything Imli says. Imli does not know Vivaan’s truth that he can’t give her a child. Imli does not know what’s worrying Vivaan.

Vivaan hides the truth from Imli. Chakor takes clothes for Suraj. Bhaiya ji stops her. Chakor says Suraj can’t survive in cold, even his vest got torn, he will fall ill. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is a bandhua, and he does not need clothes. Chakor argues with him, and asks him to give clothes to Suraj. Bhaiya ji does not want to agree to her, and snatches Suraj’s clothes from him. Chakor and Imli worry seeing Vivaan going on Bhaiya ji’s side. What’s Vivaan planning against Bhaiya ji? Keep reading.


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