Kumkum Bhagya – Abhi to rescue Pragya


Tanu lays a new plan to kill Pragya. Tanu calls up Nikhil asking him to come fast. Nikhil plans to kill Pragya and takes disguise to enter the party. Nikhil lies to Pragya about Abhi’s anger. Nikhil surprises Tanu and tells her that her bad fate will change today. She asks him about his get up. Tanu gets restless to tell her what did he do with Pragya.

Nikhil sends Pragya to cold storage by excuse. Nikhil tells Pragya that Abhi is having a fight with the store manager. Pragya does not find Abhi there. Nikhil lies that the place is very vast, and asks her to go inside and handle Abhi.


Pragya asks about Abhi. He says Abhi is that chamber and sends her ahead. Pragya feels cold. Shockingly, Nikhil leaves her there and locks the chamber. Pragya does not think its his plan and looks for Abhi. Nikhil feels Pragya will die by cold now. Pragya’s body temperature starts falling. She calls for help. Abhi reaches there on right time to find Pragya. Abhi finds Pragya in near to death state and tries reviving her. Will Tanu’s plan get Abhi and Pragya more closer? Keep reading.


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