Anika’s memory loss ploy to reap benefits in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Anika acts to sleep walk and leaves from Oberoi mansion. Shivay worries on not finding Anika anywhere. He calls Anika and finds her phone at home. He scolds the servants and security guys. Dadi calms down Shivay. He feels Anika has left from home. He gets hurt knowing this. Everyone worry for Anika. Fortunately, Anika gets back home.

Since the memory loss track, Shivay is seen caring for Anika even more. Anika talks weird things and makes him worry. Shivay is trying hard to make her recall everything. He asks her not to take stress. He is feeling guilty as she lost her memory because of him. He apologizes to her, as she fell down because of him. He can’t see Anika in such state.

Shivay wants his Tadibaaz Anika back. He is making many attempts. Shivay gets food for her. She refuses to have food. She gets a new story in mind, and tells Shivay that she got to know that she can’t give him a child, so he had to get Tia here for help. Shivay asks her to stop this nonsense. He asks her how does she gets such things in mind. Tia fills the wrong story in Anika’s mind. Anika’s words make him mad. Anika sits crying. She plans their baby in dreams. Shivay asks her not to go too far even in imaginations.

Anika tells Shivay how their baby will look like. Shivay showers love on her. He hugs Anika and requests her to recall his love, their old days. She hugs Shivay and apologizes to him for not giving him Oberoi’s heir. Shivay clears out to her that he did not get Tia home for the baby’s sake. Shivay and Anika have a peaceful moment after a long time. Shivay wipes her tears and puts her to sleep.

Shivay tries everything to make Anika regain her memory. It all turns out to be Anika’s plan to expose Tia and her deceive. Anika won Tia’s confidence and trust to know about Dushyant, who is known as Robin to everyone. Anika exposes Tia and Dushyant’s relation in front of Shivay. The entire Oberoi family receive a big shock. Shivay throws out Tia from Oberoi mansion. Pinky and everyone would be seen thanking Anika for saving Shivay from Tia’s deadly plans.


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