Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Naagin 2: Rocky and entire family worry for Yamini. Rocky says I did not see Yamini since yesterday. Everyone try to find her. Police comes and tells Rocky that they got a dead body which resembles Yamini. He gives the belongings, which make them believe that Yamini died. Rocky asks how can Yamini leave us. They all feel Yamini kept the family united, and now she has left them.


Ashutosh and Rajjo will be finding Geeta and getting to know Kusum’s heinous truth. Everyone agrees with Kusum when Devanshi tells them that even Kusum can take wrong decisions, as she could not know Mohan’s truth. Kusum challenges Devanshi to find Geeta and get truth out before Maha Ashtami. Sarla plans to kill Devanshi to end all the problems. Devanshi will be exposing Kusum’s true face in front of the villagers of Jwalapuri. Kusum has made Ishwar bed ridden, and also killed Devanshi’s parents. Devanshi will be now ruining Kusum’s kingdom.


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There is Shanti puja kept at Harman’s home. Soumya does the aarti and prays along with Surbhi. Preeto gets angry seeing Soumya doing aarti. Soumya then disappears from home. Harman gets angry and shouts out to Preeto to know about Soumya. He says you said Soumya went to temple, I went there and did not find her, where is she. Harak calls Preeto at the same time. He hears Harman shouting and asking Preeto about Soumya.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Vaidehi has taken Laila’s avatar. She dances in the hotel and shocks Piyush. Vaidehi is heartbroken and going mad in revenge. Piyush and Roshni are in the hotel and witness Vaidehi’s dance. Vaidehi dances about Piyush. Piyush has hurt Vaidehi by cheating her in love. She has made a re-entry in his life as Laila.


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