Harman turns Soumya’s strength in Shakti


Harman is annoyed as Soumya did not tell him and went to kinners. He is hurt that she did not answer his calls. Soumya convinces him with love and makes him have food. Harman stops her from leaving and feeds food to her. He teases her and makes her smile. Harman always takes care of her. After Nimmi’s death, Harman has become Soumya’s strength.

Harman does not let her go. He says someone has said, that person in love does not sleep and dreams, when the reality in front of eyes is so beautiful, who will like to dream. He compliments Soumya and hugs her. He tells if Soumya goes away, he will feel someone snatched his life. Preeto wants Soumya to go her Maayka, so that she can send Harman and Surbhi on honeymoon. Keep reading.


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