High Five Spoilers

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Kumkum Bhagya:
Nikhil sends Pragya to cold storage by excuse. Nikhil tells Pragya that Abhi is having a fight with the store manager. Pragya does not find Abhi there. Nikhil lies that the place is very vast, and asks her to go inside and handle Abhi. Shockingly, Nikhil leaves her there and locks the cold storage chamber. Pragya does not think its his plan and looks for Abhi. Nikhil feels Pragya will die by cold now. Pragya’s body temperature starts falling. She calls for help. Abhi reaches there on right time to find Pragya. Abhi will be saving Pragya’s life. Tanu and Nikhil planned to kill Pragya by shutting her in cold storage. Nikhil will be getting exposed as he gets seen in CCTV footage.

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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi has taken the new avatar to unite her family. Priyanka and Maasa got together to answer Malvika. Priyanka scolds Malvika and says Maasa is my mum, every house has fights, we have rights on each other, we have love between each other. Sanchi acts as ghost and scares Nikita that she has come back to take revenge.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Poonam is troubling Pihu and pulls her ears. Poonam threatens Pihu not to tell anything to Ishita. Pihu does not like her. Poonam scolds Pihu for taking Ishi Maa’s name. Raman sees Poonam hurting Pihu and rushes to stop her. He scolds Poonam and hugs Pihu. He asks Poonam to get lost. Raman is Pihu’s superman and comes in right time. He warns Poonam to stay away. Poonam calls security and says you stopped Raman from meeting Pihu, see he has come again.


Malaika has come back. She got Rishi kidnapped. Tanuja finds Rishi and reaches the godown. She asks him is he fine. He asks how did you come here. She says I came to save you. He asks are you mad here to come here, why did you not ask me before coming here. She asks how can I ask you, you have no phone, you should have taken kidnapper’s phone and taken selfie to send me, to tell me location. She says your hands are tied, not mine, let me help you.


Suraj and Chakor face major problems. Chakor’s love for Suraj has become ointment to his wounds. Suraj is hurt after his fall in the well. Chakor applies the medicinal paste to his wounds. Chakor pacifies him and asks him to be strong. Suraj gets love on Chakor. Suraj and Chakor have come more closer after Bhaiya ji’s tortures increased.


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