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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gaura is very happy that her plan succeeded. She sings and plays dhol to thank Ambe Maa. She says my devotion on Maa got higher, I took revenge form Kokila and her two grand daughters. She thanks Maa to help her in motives. She prays that no one stands against her. She sings out all her crimes how she has sent Kokila to jail, made Meera leave from home and send Vidya to jail.



Harman is annoyed as Soumya did not tell her and went to kinners. He is hurt that she did not answer his calls. Soumya convinces him with love and makes him have food. Harman stops her from leaving and feeds food to her. He teases her and makes her smile. Harman always takes care of her. After Nimmi’s death, Harman has become Soumya’s strength.


Shivani asks Rangeela where is her uncle. Rangeela says we have no time to think, I swear on my mum, I really don’t know, have this food. Rangeela is upto some plan.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Vikrant wants to play a game. He ties Raja and Naina’s hands together. He asks them to play the game as a couple. Laila gets jealous seeing them. Vikrant wants Raja and Naina to win the race. Raja has announced that he will marry Laila. Laila’s mehendi ceremony will be seen.


Aisha’s murder case hearing will be seen. Avni had the proof that Dayavanti is the murderer. Avni loses to prove that Dayavanti killed Aisha. Dayavanti wants to frame Neela. Ashish and Aladin support Avni.


Shwetlana gets a chance to get rid of Anika. Anika sleepwalks. Shwetlana and Tia get her to the end of the terrace and leaves Anika there so that Anika falls down. Shivay comes in nick of the time and saves Anika.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali’s inlaws keep a puja and call Brahmans to have Chappan bhog. Anjali did not want to keep the puja. Tai ji wanted Anjali to work hard. The Brahmans refuse to have the food. Anjali manages the matter and serves the food to Brahmans. She passes Tai ji’s test by using her smartness.


Raina is going to kill Brahmarakshas, with the help of Narsimha. Raina tells Brahmarakshas that today his end is certain. Brahmarakshas and Narsimha have a fight. Brahmarakshas has a Mani and does not get affected by Narsimha’s attack.

Raina gets the Mani powers by getting the Mani in her hands. Brahmarakshas catches Raina’s beck and tries to kill her.


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