Ishqbaaz – Shivay’s efforts


Shivay gets a buffalo home to remind Anika of their old precious moments. Anika asks him did he get the cow dung for her. Shivay asks her to lift the cow dung in hand and throw it at him. Anika can’t believe what’s happening. The entire family provokes Anika to throw the dung at Shivay. Anika throws the dung at Shivay. Luckily, he gets saved and does not get the dung over him. Anika does not recall anything, which pleases Tia and Shwetlana.

Later at night, Tia spots Anika and informs Shwetlana about something strange. Shwetlana gets a chance to get rid of Anika. Anika sleepwalks. Shwetlana and Tia get her to the end of the terrace and leaves Anika there so that Anika falls down. Shivay comes in nick of the time and saves Anika from falling down.


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