Abhi plans valentines surprise for Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi recalls Pragya while seeing the lovers celebrating Valentines’ day. He sees the teddy and recalls Pragya. He can feel Pragya’s love and also realizes his love for Pragya. Abhi thinks to get a special gift for Pragya. He tells the shopkeeper that he wants to buy a gift for a very special person. The shopkeeper understands his emotions and shows a lovely teddy. Abhi thinks of Pragya calling him teddy bear, and says if I give her teddy, she can think I m her teddy bear and dislike me. Abhi’s imagination gets funny.

The shopkeeper says girls like teddys a lot and shows a little teddy which is more cute. Abhi likes the teddy and asks him to pack it. The shopkeeper tells Abhi to buy chocolates as girls get happy seeing chocolates and comes in arms seeing chocolates. Abhi says if that’s the case, then pack more chocolates. The shopkeeper shows the magnetic love ring and tells importance. Abhi buys that love ring. Abhi buys many gifts for Pragya and heads to meet her. Will Abhi be able to confess his feelings this time? Keep reading.


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