Vivaan’s decision upsets Chakor and Imli in Udaan


Ragini gets Vivaan to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji welcomes Vivaan. Vivaan has cheated Chakor, Suraj and Imli. He has changed his side and joined Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Imli get a big shock. Bhaiya ji knows Vivaan’s talent and wanted him in his team. He praises Vivaan’s smartness, by which he got many profits before. Bhaiya ji declares in front of villagers that Vivaan will be managing his business now as his only heir.

Bhaiya ji forgives Vivaan for all his mistakes. He gives honor to Vivaan and crowns him as his heir. The villagers are also happy. Bhaiya ji tells villagers that Vivaan will manage all the accounts from now. Vivaan needed money to get rid of molestation blame. He is angered by the fact that he can’t father a child. He wants to give Imli a luxurious life. Ranjana does Vivaan’s tilak and is happy to see him working for Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that he missed her a lot. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana are happy with Vivaan.

Bhaiya ji gives money to Vivaan. Chakor and Imli are upset seeing this. Vivaan tells Chakor that money has much power, money can get name, fame and respect. He says money has buy anything, friendship and love too, just the right amount has to be paid. He has become harsh and thinking practically. He just wants to earn money and is not thinking of anyone else. Chakor and Imli wanted Vivaan to fight the molestation case to prove his innocence. Vivaan did not agree to follow his principles this time and chose Bhaiya ji’s help to get rid of all blames at once. Suraj and Vivaan will have a Dangal challenge in upcoming track. Keep reading.


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