Ahana to die; Naina-Raghav to get separated in Pardes


Ahana dies in an accident. Naina gets a big shock hearing Ahana’s death news. Naina is sorrowful to lose Ahana. Naina heads back to India. She looks for a place to stay as PG. Naina is pregnant, being the surrogate for Ahana’s child. Naina got separated from Raghav. Naina feels happy to be back in her city. She looks for a rented home. She gets a small house on rent. The house owner lady asks Naina to pay for every extra thing she uses.

Naina decides to start her life afresh. She loves Raghav and taken such big step to make Raghav successful. Naina is managing her life alone. She is taking care of the child in her womb too. Naina has to give birth to Ahana’s baby.

Naina prepares breakfast for herself and the lady. She does not react to the lady’s taunts. She apologizes to the lady and tells her that she came late yesterday night as it was her first day of work. The lady starts liking Naina, who is very sweet and down to earth. Naina serves breakfast to the lady. She feels nausea. The lady guesses Naina is pregnant. Naina is stressed thinking what will she answer the society. On the other hand, Raghav is hurt and tells Dadi that Naina has left him. Raghav decides to leave for India and get away from Mehra family. Raghav and Naina will meet again. Keep reading.


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