KaiRa’s valentines turns disappointing in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira plans a surprise for Kartik for the valentines. Naira is suggested to wear red saree for valentines. Naira wears Akshara’s saree. Naira and Kartik, and their families leave for the destination wedding. Their bus stops at the Dhaba. Kartik also has something in mind to surprise Naina. Kartik takes Naira with him. Kartik and Naira plan a valentines date at the other Dhaba. They have a dance and spend romantic time.

Some men who are against the couples celebrating Valentines’ Day reach the Dhaba and beat up Kartik. Kartik explains that Naira and he are going to get married. The men do not believe them and think Kartik is making excuses on being caught. Naksh reaches there and stops the men. Naksh and family explain the men that Kartik and Naira are really going to get married, and they are on the way to marriage destination.


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