Surbhi tricks Preeto to help Soumya-Harman in Shakti


Soumya is annoyed and makes an upset face. Harman and Surbhi do Soumya’s mimicry and make her laugh. Harman says this is how Soumya acts, I will show how she cries and talks. He tells Surbhi that Soumya wakes me up at night and asks if I was sleeping, just like I was practicing to die. Soumya laughs hearing his jokes. Preeto sees Harman, Soumya and Surbhi having a laugh.

Shanno comes there and asks if Soumya won’t cook food today. She taunts Soumya and asks her to do her duties to keep up Preeto’s expectations. Soumya wants Harman and Surbhi to be happy. Preeto is planning to send Harman and Surbhi on honeymoon. Surbhi agrees to go with Harman just to show Preeto. Harman is angry with Surbhi and does not know why she agreed for honeymoon. Surbhi makes a plan to get Harman and Soumya together.


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