Omkara develops hatred for Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri realizes Omkara’s identity and returns his phone to him after a long argument. He finds her troubling. Gauri asks him to call family and talk to everyone, as they were worried for him. Omkara asks her why did she speak to his family. Gauri tells him about the incoming calls. She gives him some Gyaan. On the other hand, Gauri’s happiness ends in sorrow, when her relatives break the news of selling Gauri to Kaali Thakur. Gauri refuses to marry Kaali Thakur.

Her uncle forces Gauri to agree for marriage by threatening to burn her mother alive. Gauri agrees for marriage to save her mother’s life. More of Gauri’s difficulties and sorrowful life is seen. Gauri and her mother decide to run away from home to avoid the tortures. Kaali Thakur fails Gauri’s plans. He gives her shagun bangles and chunri, and also chains her legs so that she does not run away. Omkara witnesses Kaali Thakur taking Gauri along for marriage, and how Gauri gave her nod to the relation. Omkara finds her totally disgusting to marry Kaali Thakur for the sake of money. Kaali Thakur forcefully takes Gauri to his haveli.

Jhanvi Thakurain misunderstands Gauri for breaking her marriage. She heads away from home to commit suicide. Omkara spots her burning herself and saves her life. Omkara does a Shivay’s act. Omkara admits her in hospital and gets to know about Kaali Thakur remarrying. He gets angered knowing Gauri is the reason behind Jhanvi Thakurain’s suicide attempt. Omkara develops a hatred towards Gauri, without knowing the entire truth. Omkara misses Jhanvi by seeing a similar situation happening in front of him. He takes Jhanvi’s welfare and tells Jhanvi how much importance she is for her children.


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