Raman struggles in dual roles in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman has come to meet Pihu as Gulabo. Ishita warns Gulabo not to scold or hurt Pihu, like Poonam did. Pihu gets scared seeing another Nanny and runs. Ishita calls Abhishek there and asks Gulabo to behave well with the kid, else police will arrest her. Abhishek is worried that Raman’s truth can come out. He stops Raman from overacting.

Ishita shares her wishes with Gulabo. She does not know Raman is hearing her and will be fulfilling her wishes. Raman and Ishita get friendly. Raman is staying careful as he knows Ishita has great spying talents. Raman promises Ishita that he will take care of Pihu as a parent.

Raman is trying hard to convince Ishita. Raman asks Ishita to come for lunch. Ishita tells Shagun about Raman asking her for lunch date. Shagun asks Ishita to forgive him after he apologizes well. Shagun reminds Raman missed the dinner date and kept Ishita waiting.

Raman is playing dual roles now and finding hard to balance life as Raman and Gulabo. Shagun feels uneasy and stumbles. Raman holds Shagun and takes care of her. Shagun tells Gulabo that she is feeling uneasy and they should leave for clinic. Raman asks shall I call doctor here. Shagun feels breathless and asks Gulabo to take her to clinic fast as doctor asked her to be careful. Raman cancels the lunch date and accompanies Shagun to the clinic. Ishita turns angry when Raman does not come on lunch date. She feels Raman is still being insensitive. Will Gulabo make Raman’s image better in Ishita’s eyes? Keep reading.


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