Zee’s Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

Jamai Raja: Kareena is worried and tries to commit suicide. Payal gets shocked seeing her and rushes to stop Kareena. She saves Kareena and gets her down.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Raja and Laila are getting married. Naina cries seeing them and does not know why tears are coming in her tears. Naina feels like losing Raja. Raja and Laila exchange varmala. Raja is also unhappy. Naina’s heart is breaking seeing Laila marrying her love. Naina can’t bear the sight and leaves. Raja gets a letter and gets to know that Naina loves him. Naina realized she loves Raja. She is not able to see Raja’s marriage. Raja refuses to marry Laila. Laila gets angry.


And TV’s Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Anita is preparing for hockey match. Tiwari hires a new coach to get saved from Vibhuti, who has also become coach and troubling him by many unnecessary exercises. Tiwari gets a coach for himself, and gets a shock when coach starts training him cricket instead hockey.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi recalls Pragya while seeing the lovers celebrating Valentines’ day. He sees the teddy and recalls Pragya. He can feel Pragya’s love and also realizes his love for Pragya. Abhi thinks to get a special gift for Pragya. He tells the shopkeeper that he wants to buy a gift for a very special person. The shopkeeper understands his emotions and shows a lovely teddy. Abhi thinks of Pragya calling him teddy bear, and says if I give her teddy, she can think I m her teddy bear and dislike me. Abhi’s imagination gets funny.


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