Chandra to realize his love for Nandini


Nandini applies the tilak to Chandra. Chandra has fallen in love with Nandini. He holds her hand and sinks in her eyes. Chandra gets current by Nandini’s touch when she applies tilak to him. Chandra and Nandini are coming close. Nandini gives him clothing accessories. They get friendly. Chandra hears some music and turns to look around what’s happening.


He checks his ears. He tells Nandini that he can hear music. Nandini asks how can he hear music. Chandra says nothing, I just felt some song is playing. Chandra hears Yeh Laal ishq….. Nandini does not believe him. Even Chandra can’t believe what’s happening. He has to realize his love for Chandra. He checks his Kaksh and gets clueless about the background music. Chandra does not know this music ringing in his ears sign that he is in love. Keep reading.


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