Gopi and Vidya to reveal Gaura’s evil in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi and Jaggi come to rescue Vidya, who was arrested by police by Gaura’s plan. Vidya was arrested on blame of Chanda’s murder. Vidya understands how Gaura framed her. Gopi does not know how did Vidya get trapped in such a bad blame. Gopi hugs Vidya and asks are you fine. Vidya cries. Dharam gets Vidya’s bail done. Dharam blesses Vidya. Gopi did not know about the matter and asks Dharam how could he hide the matter from Vidya’s mother.

Vidya will take revenge from Gaura. Gopi tells Dharam that so much happened with Vidya and Meera, and no one told her. She expresses her annoyance. Vidya got to know a big secret from Kokila. Vidya will teach a lesson to Gaura. Vidya knows Gaura’s evil truth. Kokila told Vidya not to fall weak and save the family members. Vidya has taken the responsibility on her shoulders. Vidya will turn bold and smart, and expose Gaura now. Gopi will join Vidya in the big task. Keep reading.


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