Udaan – Suraj-Vivaan’s Dangal


Bhaiya ji announces Dangal between Suraj and Vivaan. Suraj keeps the condition that if he wins, then Vivaan will not support Bhaiya ji. Suraj and Vivaan have a fight in front of the villagers. Chakor asks Suraj to throw Vivaan out of the round. She encourages him to win.

Vivaan pushes Suraj out. He says Suraj has good fate that both Chakor and Imli are on his side. He says Chakor is a good wife to support Suraj, and Imli is not supporting me. Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that if Suraj wins, Suraj will get clothes, and if Vivaan wins, he will get 25 lakhs. Vivaan changed a lot and does not think of anything. They both beat each other.

Chakor and Imli hope that Bhaiya ji loses and Suraj wins. Vivaan badly needs money to get freed from molestation blame. Imli does not want Vivaan to earn money the wrong way. She stops Vivaan from working for Bhaiya ji and does not want him to win. She supports Suraj. Vivaan wins in the Dangal match. Suraj tried a lot, but loses the match He does not get clothes. Chakor thinks now Suraj can survive only if Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s unity breaks. What will Chakor do? Keep reading.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1RMQbwojjE]


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