Kareena attempts to kidnap Soumya in Shakti


Soumya, Surbhi and Harman have the golgappas and icecream. Soumya makes Surbhi stand with him, while Harman gets Soumya close. They are on a picnic and having a good time. Preeto planned to just Harman and Surbhi, but Surbhi got Soumya along.

Harman tells them what he used to do in childhood. Surbhi wants Soumya with be with Harman. She clicks their pictures. Soumya asks Harman to get photo clicked with Surbhi. He refuses and stands with Soumya, acting kiddish. Soumya leaves Surbhi and Harman together and makes excuse of going temple. She wants Surbhi and Harman to spend some time.

Soumya goes to temple, where Kareena tries to kidnap Soumya. Kareena tells Soumya that they will kidnap her right in front of Harman. Kareena fails to kidnap Soumya. Soumya runs from there and reaches Harman in worried state. Harman and Surbhi ask her what happened. She hides the matter from Harman. Kareena is determined to kidnap Soumya. Preeto will be sending Harman and Surbhi on honeymoon, where Soumya will accompany them. Will Kareena succeed to kidnap Soumya? Keep reading.


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