More of Maya’s Beyhadh love for Arjun to be seen


Maya has changed completely. She touches Vandana’s feet and takes her blessings. Maya does all the household tasks as a good bahu. She makes the breakfast and serves food to Arjun and Ayaan. She is very happy to step in her new life. Maya has shocked Vandana by a Sanskari bahu avatar.

Vandana can’t accept that how Maya changed overnight. Maya and Vandana have a conflict. Maya tells her that she is not a psychopath. Vandana feels Maya’s nature can’t change ever. Maya has succeeded to get Arjun. She got Arjun’s love and now she aims to win Vandana’s heart by any way. Maya and Arjun then plan to leave for honeymoon. Saanjh reminds Arjun about taking the necessary things. Arjun calls her his personal alarm. Saanjh asks him to turn responsible. Maya meets Vandana before leaving and asks her not to leave her support. She promises to do her duties towards Arjun and his family.

Maya asks her not to divide Arjun by her anger. Vandana is annoyed and says maybe my love for Arjun was less that I could not stop him from marrying you. Arjun emotionally blackmails Vandana. He knows he is her weakness and takes her blessings. Vandana blesses Arjun and Maya. Police comes when Arjun and Maya were leaving. Inspector comes to arrest Arjun for Ashwin’s murder. Maya tells that its a lie, Ashwin died by heart attack and Arjun is innocent. Maya’s love for Arjun is limitless. She stands as shield to save Arjun, but Arjun gets arrested. Arjun is suffering and Vandana gets angry with Maya. Vandana was fearing that this will happen. Arjun is not believing that Maya is unlucky for him. Vandana tries to explain Arjun. Arjun does not understand and is madly in love with Maya. Ashwin is alive. Maya is upset knowing this news. Will Maya’s love save Arjun? Keep reading.


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