Simar hands over her Sasural’s responsibilities to Roshni


Simar gives the house keys and responsibility to Roshni. Simar asks Roshni to take care of all duties now. Simar believes Roshni’s capabilities. Roshni and entire family gets shocked. Roshni is glad that Simar trusts her. Mata ji tells Simar to keep the keys and give her when she feels Roshni is ready. Simar tells Roshni that you would be feeling this is happening so soon, I trust you and know you will fulfill this responsibility well, Mata ji will be there to guide you.

Simar raised Roshni and trusts her upbringing. Roshni is changing and trying to win Piyush’s love. Simar wants to make Piyush accept Roshni. Piyush started living with Vaidehi. Roshni gets to know this from someone else and gets hurt. Mata ji blesses Roshni and asks her to become an ideal bahu. Roshni accepts the keys and duties.


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