Sony’s Mini Spoilers


Peshwa BajiRao: There is a new entry of Aditya Redij, who plays Maharaj Shivaji. Shivaji meets Baji in Baji’s dream. Shivaji motivates Baji and guides him the right path. Baji gets delighted seeing Shivaji.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Viren hears Aryan and Sanchi, and gets to know all the truth. Viren is annoyed and asks Sanchi how can she not tell them and hurt them by her fake death news, could she not explain before disappearing. Sanchi apologizes to Viren and tells him why she did this to expose Nikita, to make good win over evil. Nikita was troubling Sanchi’s inlaws and dividing the house.

Sanchi tells Viren that if she did not do this drama, her inlaws family would have got shattered. Viren does not listen to Sanchi. Sanchi and Aryan try to explain.


Maya has changed completely. She touches Vandana’s feet and takes her blessings. Maya does all the household tasks as a good bahu. She makes the breakfast and serves food to Arjun and Ayaan. She is very happy to step in her new life. Maya has shocked Vandana by a Sanskari bahu avatar.

Vandana can’t accept that how Maya changed overnight. Maya and Vandana have a conflict. Maya tells her that she is not a psychopath. Vandana feels Maya’s nature can’t change ever. Maya has succeeded to get Arjun. She got Arjun’s love and now she aims to win Vandana’s heart by any way.

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