Baby attempts to kill Dadi in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


The skeleton planted by Baby gives tension to everyone. Baby blackmails Dadi and gets the jewelry. Suhani doubts in Baby and makes a plan to catch Baby red-handed. Suhani calls pandit and tells everyone about the concept of finding guilty using Ved Vidya. Suhani distributes especially crafted wooden sticks to all family members, and tells them that the culprit’s stick will grow overnight. Baby gets worried. She comes up with a plan to put the blame on Saiyyam. Even though, Baby leaves a clue behind and falls in doubt circle.

Krishna gets scared by Saiyyam’s dog Tiger. Saiyyam explains Krishna that Tiger is part of this life and has always been with him when he was alone. He tells her that Tiger will not hurt her. Saiyyam is worried for Suhani. Saiyyam is concerned for Dadi and wants her to get memory back soon.

On the other hand, Yuvaan planned Krishna’s kidnapping to fight the goons and impress her. However, Saiyyam saves Krishna and tells her that she is his responsibility, being his wife. Dadi wants to know her blackmailer. Doctor tells Suhani that Dadi needs her memory revived very soon, else Dadi’s memory will be lost forever, which can be deadly for her. Krishna gets to know Yuvaan has planned her kidnapping. Dadi undergoes a memory reviving therapy. Baby tries to ruin the therapy so that Dadi dies in the process. Saiyyam’s dog Tiger ruins Baby’s evil plan. Will Dadi get her memory restored? Keep reading.



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