Gulabo’s action scene to rescue Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman beats the goons red and blue. Raman as Gulabo saves Ishita from the goons. The goons teased Ishita. Raman could not tolerate anyone teasing Ishita. He is with Ishita as Gulabo, but gets into his action avatar. Ishita gets surprised seeing Gulabo beating the men in such heroic way. Ishita thanks Gulabo for her favor to save her.

Adi meets Aaliya at Mani’s house, in a disguise. Adi and Aaliya romance. Adi helps her in draping the saree. Adi and Aaliya have a talk. Ruhi comes there and sees Adi. She asks him how did he come here in this avatar. She pulls Adi’s leg. She takes Aaliya to see function arrangements. Ishita finds trouble in draping the Kanjivaram saree. She asks Gulabo to help. Raman compliments her beauty. Raman tells her that she looks good in Tamilian attire.

Ishita asks Gulabo not to praise her much. Raman asks her did she forget anything. She asks what did I forget, I m ready. Raman gets a Gajra and ties Gajra to her hair. Ishita recalls Raman, who used to fix Gajra to her, whenever she had to go in some special function. Raman asks her did she miss anyone. She gets emotional. Raman says I know you are missing your husband. Raman is far from Ishita, as she thinks so, but he is always with her as Gulabo. Everyone celebrate well and look good in south indian attires.


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