Piyush’s madness for Vaidehi upsets all


Bharadwaj family keeps MahaShivratri puja. Everyone blesses the newly weds Piyush and Roshni. They do the puja and Rudra abhishek. Piyush waits for Vaidehi’s call. He checks his phone. Vaidehi calls him. He could not answer the call. Mata ji asks Piyush not to go. Piyush answers call and tells Mata ji that he has to leave urgently. Everyone worry.

He does not have any sympathy with Roshni. He stayed in puja just for Mata ji. He madly loves Vaidehi. He feels guilty and cares for Vaidehi as he left Vaidehi in mandap. He is responsible for Vaidehi’s state. He tells Prem that he has to fulfill his duties. He apologizes and rushes out of home. Roshni does the rituals alone. Pandit says both husband and wife had to do this puja, but Piyush has left. He blesses Roshni.



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