Light moments and tough tasks for Suraj-Chakor in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Chakor gets drunk by having the bhaang milk. Chakor got the milk for Suraj. She told him that Suraj will sleep well after drinking this milk bhaang, and will snore too. She adds bhaang in the milk and asks him to have it as its Shiv ji’s prasad. Everyone celebrate Shivratri in haveli. Bhaiya ji does Shiv puja.

Suraj and Chakor drink the bhaang. Suraj likes it and thinks he will get good sleep today, which he needs badly. The bhaang shows affect on Chakor. Chakor dances with Suraj. She tells Suraj that she likes him and hugs him. She calls Suraj a very nice man.

Suraj tries everything to make her away. He handles Chakor. Chakor does not listen to him and hugs him. They have a romantic moment. Suraj and Chakor realize they are made for each other. Later, Bhaiya ji gives clothes to Suraj, which makes Suraj and Chakor happy. Bhaiya ji finds a new way to torture Suraj and Chakor. He tells Suraj and Chakor to rush and save Kasturi and Tejaswini, they will get many hurdles on the way and have less time. Bhaiya ji fixed bomb to Kasturi and Tejaswini. He punctures the car tyres. Suraj realizes the tyres are punctured and leaves the car. Bhaiya ji and Ragini ask them to hurry up if they want to see their mothers alive. Suraj and Chakor run to the village. Bhaiya ji laughs on them and entertains himself. Keep reading.


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