Rangeela and Shivani’s bond of suffering in Ghulaam


Veer asks Rangeela and Shivani to slap each other. Shivani did not raise hand on Rangeela. Veer commands Rangeela. Rangeela agrees to Veer and slaps Shivani. Shivani cries and asks Rangeela not to worry, as she will not curse him. She says today humanity lost in front of a Ghulaam’s loyalty. She wishes Rangeela gets a heart and makes humanity win some day. Her heavy liners make Rangeela realize her pain and sorrow.

Veer then punishes Shivani for trying to provoke his loyal servant against him. He orders Rangeela to be with Shivani and make sure she does not break any rules. Shivani is punished that she can’t sleep all night.


She has to be awake all night. Rangeela tries to make her sleep away. He tells her to wash her face and come. He says I have to be here and not let you sleep, as its Veer’s command. Shivani tells him that she will not sleep, as she does not want him to get punished. She says I have married you and regarded you husband by heart, I don’t like you for what you did, but when you were made to lie on ice slab, I was hurt seeing you. Rangeela and Shivani talk all night and stay awake.


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