Post leap troubles for Devanshi begin


Devanshi has come back to the village after 14 years. Sakshi has witnessed Ashutosh’s murder done by Kusum Sundari. Sakshi is regarded mad by everyone. Sakshi got the shock in childhood and since then she could not return to her normal life. Sakshi is scared of people. Devanshi asks everyone why do they want to send Sakshi to mental hospital.

Sakshi is still a child mentally. Devanshi has been taking care of her medical expenses. She asks the doctor to leave Sakshi, what’s the need to send Sakshi. The hospital staff takes Sakshi to mental hospital. Devanshi cries and does not want to get away from Sakshi. Devanshi tries to convince everyone that Sakshi is not mad. Sakshi asks Devanshi not to stop her, she has to go with them. Sakshi willingly goes with the hospital staff.

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