Rudra and Sesha challenge for love in Naagin 2


It seems like Rocky also wants the Naagmani now. Rocky goes to pick the Naagmani. He does not know about Seshnag. Seshnag threatens to kill Rocky. Seshnag decides to kill Rocky to save Naagmani. But, he gets to know Rocky’s truth in nick of the time.

Rocky asks Seshnag to listen to him. He clears I don’t want Naagmani, I did not come to take it. He explains that he has just come to safeguard Naagmani. Seshnag spares his life. Sesha tells Rudra that Rocky and Shivangi will get separated. They both threaten each other and argue. Sesha asks Rudra not to worry, as good will happen. Rudra asks what’s good if Rocky survives. Sesha says Rocky felt you and Shivangi have an affair, now he feels Shivangi is from Naaglok, I want Rocky to see you meeting Shivangi in your snake avatar, then Rocky and Shivangi’s relation will end forever.


Rudra does not want Shivangi to fall in any trouble and refuses to do this. Sesha asks him how can he backout, does he not want Shivangi. He says I want Shivangi, but not this way, you cheated me and tried to kill Shivangi. Sesha gets angry and asks him how dare he refuse to her. Rudra says its good you reminded me that you are an Icchadhaari Naagin, think if I tell this to Rocky, will you get Rocky. Sesha says you are doing a big mistake. He tells you are doing a big mistake. They challenge each other. Rudra breaks Sesha’s deal. Sesha threatens to kill Rudra. Rudra asks her to do anything, but he will not hurt Shivangi. How far will they go to get their love? Keep reading.


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