Dil Boley Oberoi – Omkara to marry Gauri


Kaali Thakur instigates the villagers against Gauri, blaming her for Jhanvi Thakurain’s death. Gauri prays to Lord Shiv to send someone to help her. Omkara comes back to Bareilly to catch the train. Omkara gets to see the villagers after Gauri’s life. Omkara marries Gauri to save her from honor killing happening there.

He becomes her savior when she was about to get killed. Omkara fills her maang, when the people ask him to handover Gauri to them. They call Gauri a loose character girl. They say Gauri has no right to live. Omkara comes in between. Omkara saves Gauri by marrying her.


Omkara stops everyone from touching Gauri, and secures her. Omkara lifts her and lights the fire on the ground by burning woods. He takes wedding rounds. Gauri gets stunned by Omkara’s move. Omkara faces Kaali Thakur’s wrath. They have a fight sequence, where Shivay lands to save Omkara. Will Omkara-Gauri’s relation formed by helplessness connect their hearts? Keep reading.


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