Maya-Arjun to secure Jhanvi in Beyhadh


Jhanvi is interrogated by police. Arjun asks inspector why did they arrest Jhanvi. He asks him to show arrest warrant. Maya secures Jhanvi. Maya has all answers for inspector. Inspector tries scaring her with a gun. She throws the gun and warns inspector. He calls her move a good one. He asks her how can he throw the gun from his hand. He tells her that he is solving her dad’s murder case, Jhanvi has killed Ashwin.

Arjun secures Maya. Jhanvi is scared seeing the revolver. Maya says you said Ashwin died by accident, how does this revolver matter. Inspector does not get any solid proof. Jhanvi is prime suspect. Jhanvi tells Maya that she did not kill anyone. Maya argues with inspector. Maya and Arjun bail out Jhanvi and take her home.


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