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Sasural Simar Ka: Roshni is crying by facing Piyush’s anger. Piyush thinks Roshni has attacked Vaidehi. He calls her the root of all problems. Piyush says you are responsible for all this. Roshni does not know what is Piyush saying.

She has changed and loves everyone by heart. He says you made everyone against me by acting of such helpless bahu, you want them to find me bad and create more problems for me, you want to become ideal bahu. Vaidehi calls Piyush. He tells Vaidehi that he will always support her, and none can make him away from her, no one is more important to him.


Meghna’s dream has turned true when she gets her rights in Chauhan’s company. Meghna has become vice president of the company. She is very happy as she is going to complete Sharda’s biggest dream. Sharda wanted Meghna to work after marriage and be independent.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi are at loggerheads. She scolds him and asks him not to ruin Suhana’s life, as she is her daughter. She tells Dev that Suhana has no place in her life. They are arguing for Suhana.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan hides in the cupboard seeing Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki met in the school again. His daughter gets him to Thapki’s house. Bihaan is staying in Thapki’s house by hiding every time. Thapki’s daughter asks her to make food. Thapki does not know what’s happening. She asks how did she ask for food herself today. She gets surprised. Her daughter asks her to make aloo parathas, and asks for more parathas in number for Bihaan. Bihaan feels hungry and thinks how to have food by hiding. Bihaan is happy to stay with both the little girls.


There is an interesting drama going on. Harman and Surbhi are leaving for honeymoon, as planned by Preeto. Harman is angry on Surbhi. He is much upset to leave Soumya behind. Harman throws Surbhi’s bags and scolds her. He says you have sent Soumya to Maayka, so that you can come with me on honeymoon, you are acting of this good wife so that you can become my wife one day, remember Soumya is my wife and no one can take her place, pack your bags and leave from this house.

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Jhanvi is interrogated by police. Arjun asks inspector why did they arrest Jhanvi. He asks him to show arrest warrant. Maya secures Jhanvi. Maya has all answers for inspector. Inspector tries scaring her with a gun. She throws the gun and warns inspector. He calls her move a good one. He asks her how can he throw the gun from his hand. He tells her that he is solving her dad’s murder case, Jhanvi has killed Ashwin.


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