Meghna’s dreams to get fulfilled in Swabhimaan


Meghna’s dream has turned true when she gets her rights in Chauhan’s company. Meghna has become vice president of the company. She is very happy as she is going to complete Sharda’s biggest dream. Sharda wanted Meghna to work after marriage and be independent.

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Meghna decides to meet the staff in conference room and check files on the first day itself. Meghna came with excitement and thought of all the things to do. Meghna wants to understand the staff as she will be working with them. Meghna feels there is no work happening in office and does not know what’s the matter. She calls Sharda and tells her that she has become Vice president, but has no work. She finds the situation strange, as if she is given VP post for namesake with no duties.



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