Vaidehi’s influence breaks Roshni’s heart in Sasural Simar Ka


Roshni is crying by facing Piyush’s anger. Piyush thinks Roshni has attacked Vaidehi. He calls her the root of all problems. Piyush says you are responsible for all this. Roshni does not know what is Piyush saying.

She has changed and loves everyone by heart. He says you made everyone against me by acting of such helpless bahu, you want them to find me bad and create more problems for me, you want to become ideal bahu. Vaidehi calls Piyush. He tells Vaidehi that he will always support her, and none can make him away from her, no one is more important to him.

Roshni’s heart breaks hearing this. Piyush is angered at Roshni’s deceive. He decides to cheat Roshni by adding poison in the juice. He knows Roshni added poison in Vaidehi’s kheer. Vaidehi has given that poison packet to Piyush. Piyush adds the poison in juice and gives it to Roshni. Roshni gets very happy and thinks Piyush changed. Piyush is in dilemma that one side is Roshni and other side is Vaidehi. He thinks to let Roshni drink poison for his love or not. How will Roshni end his hatred and win his heart? Keep reading.


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