Surbhi to connect Harman and Soumya in Shakti


There is an interesting drama going on. Harman and Surbhi are leaving for honeymoon, as planned by Preeto. Harman is angry on Surbhi. He is much upset to leave Soumya behind. Harman throws Surbhi’s bags and scolds her. He says you have sent Soumya to Maayka, so that you can come with me on honeymoon, you are acting of this good wife so that you can become my wife one day, remember Soumya is my wife and no one can take her place, pack your bags and leave from this house.

Harman tells her that Soumya is in his heart and soul, and no one can win his heart. Surbhi is happy seeing his love for Soumya. She says your and Soumya’s relation is special and unique, we want to make world accept this relation, it will take time as its impossible, if we protest against Preeto, things will get spoiled, we have to go on honeymoon to show her.

Surbhi asks him to think if they all are wrong, they have bad intentions, but he can trust his heart and know that none can overpower his love. She asks him to believe himself and come with her, so that Preeto does not make any plan against Soumya. Surbhi and Harman leave from home and reach Surbhi’s Maayka to pick Soumya. Surbhi makes Harman and Soumya communicate. Harman and Surbhi get adamant that they will take Soumya along, else they will not go anywhere. He asks Soumya to be ready to see tandav at home. Soumya agrees to go on honeymoon with them. Harman was mistaken about Surbhi’s intentions. They leave for their trip, while Soumya hides some worries from them.


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