Ragini gets against Bhaiya ji’s plans in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj are worried and think who to save first, Kasturi or Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji has risked Kasturi and Tejaswini’s life. Chakor says if we save one, other one will lose her life, we have taken much time to reach here, how will we save both of them. Suraj says if Tejaswini was here, she would have asked us to save your mum. Chakor and Suraj are handcuffed and have to go together.

Chakor falls down. Suraj lifts her and runs on the road. Suraj tries to break the handcuffs by hitting with a stone. Suraj’s hand gets hit and bleeds. Chakor cares for him. He says Bhaiya ji will make his men stop us from reaching there. She says we can just save either of Tejaswini and Kasturi. She decides to save Tejaswini. Suraj feels indebted to Chakor.

They have their usual nok jhok and romance. Suraj wanted to save both Kasturi and Tejaswini. Ragini asks Chagan not to feel bad if she called him bandhua. Chagan refuses to listen to her. She says you are hurt, I will drop you to hospital. She acts to get hurt and wins his attention. Chagan cares for her. She tells Chagan that he can help Suraj and Chakor to save Tejaswini and Kasturi. He asks her why she wants to help Suraj. She says I want to make Bhaiya ji lose, I got news that Tejaswini is saved by Suraj and Chakor, now you get these keys and run to save Kasturi. Chagan thanks her and rushes to save Kasturi. Ragini is going against Bhaiya ji, by falling in love with Chagan.


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