Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Entire Pandey Family do Shiv puja. Bihaan, Dhruv, Shraddha and everyone do the Shiv aarti. Shraddha and Sankara are not happy. Shraddha manages all the arrangements of the festival and has Dhruv with her. Sankara is crying to get Bihaan. Shraddha plans to help Sankara. They make Bhaang for everyone. Shraddha asks Sankara to win Bihaan by getting him drunk.


Harman sees Soumya drying hair in sunlight. He asks her to come with him, and makes her sit. He dries her hair by the hair dryer. Soumya says I don’t know all this. He says you are still illiterate, trust me now and let me set your hair. Harman is styling Soumya’s hair. He makes Soumya ready, but with much difficulty. Soumya’s hair get bad. She looks horrible.

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Kunal gives a big surprise to Meghna. Meghna gets surprised seeing a brand new car for her. Kunal says Mrs. Topper, this car is for you, I told you I will not drop you in my car, I will drop you in your car. Meghna hugs him happily. She likes the luxury car. Kunal goes to drop Meghna to office. Naina is happy for Meghna and Kunal, who are perfect for each other.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush tells Mata ji that he will keep Vaidehi in his house, He gets Vaidehi home. Mata ji slaps him and asks him to know their house limits. Piyush says if anyone has problem with this, they can leave the house. The entire family is against his decision. Mata ji explains him the meaning of family and rights. She says rights are claimed on house, not family, my entire family is ready to protect these house’s respect. Piyush decides to leave the house. He says if Vaidehi could not stay here, I will leave along with her.

Roshni stops him and warns him that if he leaves, she can send him to jail on domestic violence charges. She controls Piyush. Piyush asks Vaidehi to leave and stays back. Roshni returns the bag to Vaidehi, and asks her to get out. Roshni stops Piyush from taking the wrong step, but gets more distant from him.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni gets dressed like Shorvori. Parth gets drunk. He sees Shorvori in Teni and romances with her. Teni gets confused seeing his behavior. He acts and then scolds Teni for spiking his drink. Parth tells her that she can never take Shorvori’s place in his life. Shorvori and Teni had a bet. Teni challenged Shorvori that she will win Parth. Teni fails as Shorvori’s love proves out to be much strong.


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