Destiny to unite Omkara-Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara tells Kaali Thakur that he has no relation with Gauri. He threatens Kaali Thakur after clearing the matter. Omkara is attacked by Kaali Thakur, but gets saved by Shivay’s timely entry. Shivay and Omkara together make the goons bite the dust. Gauri takes her mum home. Gauri’s mum asks about Omkara. Gauri cries realizing what marriage meant for Omkara. She lies to her mum that Omkara is waiting for her at station, but she can’t leave her here.

Gauri’s friend asks Gauri to just leave, and she will take care of her mum. Gauri’s mum insists Gauri to go, as Omkara’s family is her in laws now. She forces Gauri to leave. Gauri worries recalling Omkara’s words. She agrees to go to Omkara by her belief in Lord. Shivay talks to Omkara about the matter. He asks Omkara to forget everything. Shivay explains Omkara that they both are at different places now, but he has also gone through this same phase before. Shivay tells about the inner struggle to prove the world wrong and prove themselves right goes on, and same struggle is seen happening in Omkara now. He pacifies Omkara and asks him to face the situation, and not run away. He praises Omkara for his move to secure family, but Shwetlana is worst for their family. He asks Omkara to make things fine.

Omkara understands Shivay is in madly in love with Anika. Shivay jokes that Omkara used to explain him in shayari before and now he is explaining Omkara the same thing in simple language. Shivay tells Omkara that everything will get fine. Omkara tells Shivay changed a lot. Shivay is happy to accept the change in him. Omkara says this credit goes to Anika. Aditya’s ex-girlfriend Mohini gets arrested. Mohini threatens Soumya that she will take revenge from her. Rudra tells Soumya that she will never become his love and he will change destiny in order to get rid of her. Soumya feels hurt by Rudra’s behavior. Gauri aims to meet Omkara.


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