Dil Se Dil Tak – Shorvori’s decision


Shorvori gets a big shock seeing Teni dancing in the bar. She tells Parth that Teni will not give birth to their child. Teni asks her will she deliver her child on her own. Shorvori slaps her and calls her a stain on woman’s name.

Teni gets dressed like Shorvori. Parth gets drunk. He sees Shorvori in Teni and romances with her. Teni gets confused seeing his behavior. He acts and then scolds Teni for spiking his drink. Parth tells her that she can never take Shorvori’s place in his life. Shorvori and Teni had a bet. Teni challenged Shorvori that she will win Parth. Teni fails as Shorvori’s love proves out to be much strong.


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