Naira to expose Aditya’s truth in Yeh Rishta…


Baisa feels the haveli has ghosts and is scared. Kartik and Naira are excited as their wedding day is very close. Kartik performs the pre-marriage rituals. Naira thinks of Aditya’s bad behavior and worries. Gayu asks Naira not to take Aditya seriously. Gayu cheers up Naira. Naira does not want to spoil her happiness for someone bad. Everyone make Naira ready for the haldi ceremony. Naira wears Akshara’s bangles and feels complete. Kartik is worried to do all the rituals. Kartik takes Manish’s blessings, which makes Manish very much happy. Naira sees Aditya mistreating Kirti. She supports Kirti and encourages her to tell Aditya’s truth to everyone. Kartik sees Naira rushing somewhere and follows her. Will Naira and Kartik help out Kirti? Keep reading.


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