Vardaan to support Sakshi and Devanshi


Devanshi stands in front of her statue, when Kusum Sundari aims the arrow to burn the statue. Vardaan saves Devanshi in nick of time. Devanshi is worried for Sakshi’s life and thinks to leave from Jwalapuri soon.

Sakshi tells Devanshi that she wants to stay in their village. Doctor suggests Devanshi to let Sakshi get treated in Jwalapuri hospital. Devanshi agrees to stay back for Sakshi’s betterment. She manages to hide their true identities. Devanshi realizes everyone in the village hate her and regard her as a Daayan. She gets to know the reason behind their hatred.


Vardaan knows Devanshi was always true and innocent. Vardaan tries to stop the people from defaming Devanshi and tagging her as evil figure. Vardaan creates hurdles in Kusum Sundari’s plans. Devanshi and Vardaan meet and get into an argument like childhood, without knowing each other’s identities. Devanshi is pulled back in Kusum Sundari’s evil world by her destiny. Vardaan supports Sakshi and Devanshi. How will Vardaan save Devanshi from Kusum Sundari’s planning? Keep reading.


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