Rumi gets caged and distant from Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana hide Rumi from Shivay. He does not get the video chip. Pinky does not let him go and takes Shivay with her. Shwetlana and Mrs. Kapoor hide Rumi in Omkara’s statue. Pinky is angry on Anika for staring at Shivay. Pinky gives the sherwani to Shivay for the ceremony. She asks Shivay to get dressed and come fast.

Shivay asks what’s the need for many functions. Pinky wants to fulfill all her wishes. Anika helps Shivay in wearing the sherwani. Shivay tells Anika that he is marrying Tia tomorrow, on her saying and demands, then why is he caring much if he is going away from her.

Rudra and Omkara have a sweet moment with Shivay. Rudra does not want to grow up and always be a kid for Shivay and Omkara. They all make pinky promise that they will always stay together. Shivay tells Omkara that everything will get fine. Omkara asks him why is he doing this marriage all of a sudden. Shivay tells them that this marriage is for everyone’s betterment. He asks Rudra to trust him. Omkara tells Shivay about sending a statue which got completed. Shivay takes the duties and asks Omkara to spend time with Jhanvi. Shwetlana worries and thinks to stop Shivay from entering Omkara’s room. Tia stops Shivay by excuse.

Shivay asks Pinky to solve Tia’s worries. Shivay checks the statue and does not see someone inside it. He makes arrangements to send the statue. Anika comes there to pick some colors. Shivay asks her to speak out if there is anything. Anika tells the same thing, that she will remember how their relation ended. She thanks him for doing so much for her till now. She wishes him all the best for his marriage. Shivay angrily hits the statue, unknown that Rumi is trapped inside. He asks Anika how can she just say thanks, instead what he wants to hear from her. He does not accept her thanks. Shivay sends the statue to Omkara’s workshop. Will Shivay find Rumi? Keep reading.


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