Saaya to secure Soumya’s future in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Saaya is supporting Soumya. She scolds Maninder and says I will stop you, you are one who have given birth to Soumya, you can’t ruin her life. She is supporting Soumya’s happiness. Maninder asks her to move off his way. Saaya says I will not move, I will stop you, if you call Preeto and tell her anything, I will not leave you. She loves Soumya as her daughter. She asks Maninder how can get against Soumya, when he has fathered a kinner. She gets angry on Maninder.

She gets protective for Soumya. She does not spare Maninder. She shouts on him. They both have an argument. She threatens to kill him and shows a knife to stop him. She asks him not to tell Preeto that Soumya has gone to Mumbai with Harman and Surbhi. Saaya is determined to fail Maninder’s plan. She keeps an eye on Raveena and Rani, so that they do not reach Soumya. But, Saaya does not know that Kareena has gone after Soumya to Mumbai. Will Kareena succeed to kidnap Soumya and drag her back to kinner world? Keep reading.


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