Shwetlana to manipulate Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri reaches Mumbai to meet Omkara. She faces problems and gets tricked by people. She believes a thief who tells sad story to her. He asks her to take care of luggage and borrows her phone to make a call. She calls him a nice man and helps him. The man runs away with her phone. She then gets a shock seeing her things gone. Gauri worries. Omkara lands home and meets his family. Shwetlana welcomes him in her way. She tells Omkara that she will become Oberoi family member is some days. Rudra gets angry on Shwetlana. Omkara stops Rudra.

Gauri’s belief in Lord is still intact. She prays to Lord at a temple for help. She loses phone and luggage. She wonders how to find a job in Mumbai without a phone. She meets an inspector resembling Chulbul Pandey. The inspector tells her that he is an actor by profession, and this is his costume. She calls him fraud. He tells her that he can help her truly. She tells her husband stays in Mumbai. The guy calls her sister and appears true to her. Shwetlana gets angered when the servants disobey her. Omkara reminds Shwetlana that she did not become his wife yet. She reminds their engagement. She finds his behavior changed, and asks him did he meet anyone in Bareilly. Omkara tells her that he met someone like her, such women are made to hate, not love. Shwetlana tells him that he has to marry her under any circumstances.

Gauri faces bigger problems when she gets lonely at night, and gets sighted by some cheapsters. The men try to misbehave with her. Gauri gets saved by her namesake brother, who scares the men and shoos them away. Gauri finds hope and happiness in the city. Gauri’s dream to get dress as Chulbul Pandey gets fulfilled. Gauri gets into filmi mode. The guy helps Gauri and asks her to stay with him till she finds a home. Gauri thanks him. Shwetlana orders Omkara to fulfill her wishes. She demands respect from his family. She tells Omkara that she will not follow the traditions, she wants things her way. Shwetlana tries to divide the house by manipulating Omkara. She decides their marriage date and threatens Omkara.


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